Sealed type,Four row tapered roller bearings (Replace SKF) SNRB

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TQOS (Sealed Four-Row Tapered Roller Bearing)  

Sealed roll neck bearings provide strength where it counts for flat product rolling mills.   Our premium quality four-row sealed bearings are designed to operate at high speeds and withstand harsh environments, even while carrying heavy loads.
Built with highly rated FV tapered roller bearings, our sealed roll neck bearings are expected to provide a lower cost of ownership due to less required maintenance and longer bearing life.  FV case-carburized, high-capacity tapered roller bearings offer durable toughness.
The newest sealed roll neck bearing is the integrated seal design that exemplifies our focus on advancing technology for the metals industry.  Also available are the seal carrier design, many special designs and custom designs.

Size range:

ID: 195.000 mm to 710.550 mm (7.6772 in. to 28.2500 in.)
OD: 270.000 to 946.150 mm (10.6300in. to 37.2500 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Four single cups for optimum load sharing.
  • Cup spacers available with or without lube groove and holes.
  • Improved surface finishes to enhance lubrication performance.
  • Inboard and outboard cone face slots that reduce cone face wear.
  • Spiral bore grooves with blended radii to eliminate roll neck damage.
  • Case-carburized components to improve toughness and increase fatigue life.
  • Patented seal designs with improved contact geometry for enhanced sealing.
  • Enhanced roller profiling for even load distribution, which reduces edge stress.
  • No central cone or cup spacers to minimize number of components to be handled.
  • Effective sealing at cup outer diameter (OD) to seal contaminants away from bearing OD and chock bore.


Rolling mills


Flat product rolling mills require wellengineered bearings that can operate at high speeds and withstand harsh environments, all while carrying heavy loads. At the same time, there’s constant pressure to increase productivity while reducing costs. 
For more than 20 years, FV has provided high-quality bearings for rigorous applications in hot and cold rolling mills, while continuously improving the company’s bearings and seals to keep pace with the demands of the metals industry. 
FV engineering experience and know-how are reflected in the newest sealed roll neck bearing design. It offers industry-leading tapered roller bearing design, combined with advanced proprietary sealing solutions to reduce contamination ingress and extend bearing life, expected to result in a lower cost-per-ton-rolled for mill operators. 


Contaminants and water ingress can reduce bearing life and excessive grease loss can lead to increased maintenance costs or strip staining. FV technologists developed new, innovative seals that can address these operating concerns with a design that’s also easy for the maintenance professional to use, resulting in the integrated main seal design. 
Leveraging 15 years of seal development expertise, FV costs or strip staining. technologists developed created innovative sealing solutions that may provide major benefits to mill operators, including:
• Longer bearing life due to improved sealing against water and contaminant ingress and maximum bearing load rating within the envelope.
• Potential for extended maintenance intervals due to reduced grease loss and contamination ingress. 
• Lower cost of ownership due to less required maintenance and longer bearing life.
• Easy-to-assemble seals that reduce bearing maintenance time.



Mill operators depend on high-performance bearings to keep their operations running smoothly. The FV roll neck bearing with an integrated seal can handle difficult working conditions, including high temperatures and speeds, as well as heavy shock loads and misalignment.

• Enhanced sealing due to high-performance seal designs with improved contact geometry.
• Improved performance in marginal lubrication due to better surface finishes.
• Misalignment accommodated by enhanced roller profiling for uniform load distribution.
• Increased toughness and fatigue life from case-carburized components.
• Improved load sharing provided by four single cups.
• Reduced cone face wear due to inboard and outboard cone face slots
• Reduced potential for roll neck damage due to spiral bore grooves with blended radii that provide lubricant access to the roll neck.
• Fewer components to handle due to advanced integrated design with no center spacers or seal carriers.
• More effective exclusion of contaminants from the chock bore due to sealing at cup outer diameter.



PRE-GREASED ASSEMBLY: Bearings can be supplied as pre-greased assemblies. Several grease options are available, including FV Premium Mill grease, which is known for its excellent resistance to water washout. FV sealed roll neck bearings and seals are designed to work with different types of oil lubrication systems, as well. Contact your FV engineer for assistance with grease type, fill recommendations and applications in oil-lubricated systems.
SOLID CUP SPACERS: The standard sealed bearing can be re-lubricated in the chock through the holes in the cup spacers. For chocks which are not configured with lubrication lines, the sealed bearing can be provided with solid cup spacers. 
CENTER DOUBLE CUP: The standard sealed bearing design contains four single cups; however, a double cup version is available upon request.