This is just the standard bearing manufacturing process of our FV Bearing Company. Of course we will develop special processes for special bearings. All manufacturing is performed under ISO quality control system. In full compliance with international standards, FV bearings can perfectly replace expensive original brands.

Manufacturing and Inspection Process of Large Rolling Bearings

Manufacturing Process of Bearing Rings
Manufacturing Process of rolling element
Manufacturing Process of cage
    Stamping cage   Machined solid cage
Cut-off bar   Cut rod/bar   Cut material board   Forging or centrifugal casting
Forging rings,then annealing   cold heading or Machined   Fine cutting   Rough turning
Turning   Rough grinding   Initial forming   Cut-off
Ultrasonic flaw detection   After cleaning, Carburizing hardening & heat treatment   Forming   Fine turning
After cleaning, Carburizing hardening & heat treatment   Grinding   Machined edge   Machined holes/windows

Fine grinding

( Control profile curve )

  Stampings holes and angles   Drilling holes
Fine grinding raceway   Superfinishing outline   Squeeze and expand   Fine machining contact area
Magnetic particle inspection, pickling   Magnetic particle inspection, pickling   Degreasing and pickling   Pickling
Final inspection   Final inspection   Final inspection   Final inspection
Anti-rust before assembly   Antirust packaging   Antirust packaging   Antirust packaging

Adjust and assemble finished products

Final inspection of finished products

Marking, rust-proof, packaging, storage